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The Rundown on Interior Casings

Interior casings are a great way to add a flair to any room in your home. Casings are decorative trim that add style while also providing function. They can be applied to the inside of your windows or doors to cover gaps between the frame and the drywall. If you want the entries and windows in your house to draw the eye, interior casings are the perfect addition. But how do you know which casings are best for your home? Let’s take a look at some of the options and things to consider when selecting your interior casings.

Door Casings

Many doors have an unappealing gap between the jamb and the wall. Doorway casings run along the sides of a door and the top to give a complete frame. Unless you’re planning on redesigning the trim of the entire room, it’s helpful to look at the installed baseboards. If the baseboards are flat or lack much detail, a choice like the Bevel Casing would match wonderfully.

Window Casings

Outdoor casings are applied to your window frames to seal the window and keep cold air from entering the home. Indoor window casings are added after the window is installed to give a finishing touch. Another key feature is that they protect your home against water damage and unwanted moisture. Just as exterior casings match the style of your house, the interior casings should match the moldings used to give a unified style. Options like our Tuscan Backband Casing offer detailed ridges to give your windows a bit of depth. On the other hand, something like the Modern Casing is more conservative and matches with a less patterned molding.

If you already have interior casings on the windows or doors of your house, and you want to add more, it is best to try and match the style of your current casings. Balance is essential. A clear pattern throughout the house gives a more complete feeling to your interior design. Some styles of houses match better with certain interior casings than others. Victorian houses are often more intricately designed, while Ranch style homes use a less formal style with a minimal trim line.

How Do I Know If I Need New Casing?

If you notice that cold air enters your home from doorways or around the windows, it’s a sign that the casing needs to be replaced. It’s easily noticeable during the winter months. If the casing in your home is not up to date, you will end up paying more to heat your house throughout the winter.

When you’re ready to install beautiful new trim, call the experts at Cornice Trim. We have an excellent selection of casings with styles including colonial, bevel, Tuscan, modern, and two-step casing. We have enough trim options to find a match with any style of Toronto home. If you want the best trim in Ontario, give us a call. Our helpful staff will be able to answer any and all your interior trim questions.

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