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Decorative Columns FAQs

How are the columns installed?

Installing new interior columns involves several steps. First, decide the size and style you need for your home. Prepare your home for installation by moving all furniture and clearing the space for our team. Our team will quickly install your new beautiful columns. The columns typically come in a few different pieces that are carefully installed for a perfect fit. Installation happens easily with our seasoned team. Working with our professional installers will cut out many headaches. Call the decorative column Toronto experts at Cornice Trim Decorative Moulding to find out how you can easily install columns in your home.


What are the different styles of columns?

At Cornice Trim Decorative Moulding, we offer a wide selection of beautiful columns for your home. Our styles include Barnacle, Dolphin, Trout, Marlin, Clam, Hammerhead, Guppy, and Piranha. Each has a unique, stylish look ideal for your house.


How can I decorate a column?

A column adds more than decoration to your home. Use a column as structural support, room divider, or partition. Find ways to incorporate your beautiful home décor with your new columns' elegance in a tasteful way.


Which style of columns is best for my home?

What option should you choose for your home - Trout, Marlin, or Piranha? Each column design has unique features that work well with every style, whether traditional, eclectic, or modern. A sleek column gives your home a luxurious classic look. Please speak with our design specialists about which column best fits your unique tastes.


Are you ready to install elegant columns in your home? When you need quality decorative columns in Toronto, call our experienced team at Cornice Trim Decorative Moulding. We will help you find the right column design for your home or business. Our friendly staff will be happy to answer all of your questions. Schedule your consultation today. Call us today.

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