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Waffle Ceilings

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Waffle Ceilings FAQs

What is the key difference between a waffle ceiling and a coffered ceiling?

The coffered ceiling offers beautiful luxury and style. Waffle ceilings are a type of coffered ceiling. With this type of ceiling, the beams cross each other. This gives a distinct, elegant, repeating pattern. Are you looking for the best waffle ceiling in Toronto? Contact Cornice Trim Decorative Moulding.

Do waffle ceilings make a room look smaller?

Several factors determine if a waffle ceiling makes a room seem smaller or larger. Consider the height of the room.  Rooms with high ceilings benefit from the stylish waffle ceiling. However, the cross beams lower the ceiling significantly. A waffle ceiling is recommended for rooms 9 feet high or taller. If you have a smaller space, call the Cornice Trim waffle ceiling experts in Toronto. They will help you find the right option for your home.


What is the purpose of a waffle ceiling?

This ceiling brings luxurious height and beauty to any plain room. Many homeowners find a waffle ceiling strategically hides imperfections in their homes. Additionally, a gorgeous ceiling increases the home value and creates a stunning illusion of height and grandeur.


Does a waffle ceiling make a room look bigger?

Yes. Larger rooms look even more spacious with a beautiful coffered ceiling. Create an illusion of a higher ceiling when you install an attractive waffle ceiling.


Do coffered ceilings increase home value?

Because a waffle ceiling creates the sense of a more spacious room, a coffered ceiling increases home value significantly.


How tall should waffle ceiling be?

The distinct grid pattern hangs up to one foot down from the ceiling. Because of this, most designers recommend that the room be over 9 feet tall. This does not mean that rooms with shorter ceilings cannot have this type of ceiling. Call our design team at Cornice Trim Decorative Moulding to discuss the benefits of a waffle ceiling in your home.


How deep is a waffle ceiling?

Depending on the style you select, your ceiling will most likely need several inches from the grid's face to the very back. If you suspend the beams from the ceiling, expect to require at least 7 inches of vertical space. You may need up to a foot of space available. Please speak with our installation team about the best height recommended for your home.


Are waffle ceilings in style this year?

Yes! A waffle ceiling adds gorgeous beauty to your home. No matter the style and décor of your house, go bold with a luxurious ceiling.  Make a bare room absolutely stunning.


Should a waffle ceiling match the flooring?

Should you match the paint and style of your ceiling and floor? While matching the colours can unify a room, this might also result in a monotone effect. Please speak with our interior designers about the best colour options for your house.


Have more questions? Call the friendly staff at Cornice Trim Decorative Moulding. We will be happy to answer any of your important questions. Call us today.

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