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Baseboards FAQs

What is a baseboard?

In general, a baseboard covers the joint between the floor and the wall surface. There are several different options when considering what type of baseboard to install. The average baseboard is usually a vinyl or wooden board that covers the lowest part of a wall inside your home. A baseboard is also called a mopboard, Floor moulding, base moulding, or skirting board.


Should I use MDF or wood?

Different contractors preferred to use either MDF or wood. Each has its specific characteristics. For example, MDF has no natural defects, comes primed, and is more flexible than wood. If you choose poplar, the wood lasts a long period and holds nails slightly better. Call our baseboard experts in Toronto with your essential questions about MDF.


What is the most popular trim?

Homeowners today often choose the rounded trim or chipped trim or the wall design in their home. Both have attractive looks that add character to any home.


What ceiling height is ideal for a baseboard and crown moulding?

Older homes often have a much larger baseboard, crown, and casing then new builds.  This is partially due to cost-cutting measures. However, a bigger baseboard looks beautiful. For example, if you have an 8-foot ceiling, your baseboard should be several inches. Are you restoring an older home? Then your larger baseboard may be up to 14 inches. Keep in mind the size of your windows and doors.


What if the baseboard is thicker than my door casing?

You may need to upgrade your casing to match. A back band can add depth and width to a casing if required.


Should my casing and baseboard match?

In general, your home looks better when similar lines are together. If the different styles do not conflict too much, you can experiment. For example, combine an antique baseboard with the colonial casing. Our experts in baseboards in Toronto at Cornice Trim can help you find the right design and style to fit your home.


Call the experts at Cornice Trim Decorative Moulding today.  Our friendly staff will be happy to answer all of your important questions about baseboards and decorative moulding. Schedule your first consultation today. We would be happy to hear from you. Call us today.

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