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Casings FAQs

What is a casing?

A casing is a kind of decorative trim. Homeowners use casings for windows and doors. The casing also frames openings in the home.  Do you have gaps between the walls and windows?  Casings cover these unsightly gaps in an attractive way. Call our experts in casings in Toronto for more information about installing casings in your home or business.

What is casing trim?

Casings have both a decorative and functional purpose. The moulding frames the door or the windows to cover any spaces between the frame and drywall. This provides an elegant option for homeowners.


Does my door casing need to match the window casing?

In general, you want to keep a cohesive style throughout your home. After installing a new window, the best option is matching the door casing to the window casing. Not sure what you need? Speak with our interior designers to discuss the best solutions for your home insulation.


What is the main difference between a casing and a doorframe?

Typically, door frames are for external doors. On the other hand, casings are used for standard internal doors.


What styles of casings are there?

Cornice Trim Decorative Moulding carries a wide range of casing options. This includes colonial, bevel, Tuscan, modern casing, and two-step casing. Please speak with our casings experts to discover the right casing for you.


Can I use a door casing as my baseboard?

Both baseboards and door casings have similarities. They use essentially the same type of moulding product. When the moulding is applied to the floor, it is considered a baseboard. However, when the moulding is around a door, then it is viewed as a casing.


Does my window need a new casing?

If you want to protect your home and keep out the elements, a window casing helps keep your window structurally sound. Save energy and keep your home warm during the cold weather. Protect against moisture and water damage.


Do you need to install new casings in Toronto? Then call the experts at Cornice Trim Decorative Moulding.  Our friendly staff will be happy to answer all of your important questions. Schedule your consultation today. Call us today.

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