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3 Coffered Ceiling Ideas for 2021

When considering top trending ceiling renovation ideas, homeowners have a wide variety of options like multi-tiered structures, coffered ceilings, and more. Waffle ceiling designs remain a top trend for sophisticated households. What are the top trends for ceiling design in 2021? Discover exciting new trends for your home. Find elegance and beauty perfect for your unique style.

1. Bold Color

Traditionally, homeowners have opted for subtler ceiling colours like neutral tones or bright white. While having simple monotone waffled ceiling designs have a classic look, in some cases, the interior ends up looking uninteresting and dull. Some of today's homeowners opt for a different warm beige tone, calming light blue, or dramatic black tones. For a genuinely awe-inspiring ceiling look, explore bold, beautiful yellow for a look that will truly leave you with incredible inspiration.

2. Intricate Patterns

Your ceiling design need not be simple and boring. Instead, call our design team at Cornice Trim to discover how you can include beautiful custom patterns into your ceiling design. We offer an exciting range of options, from modern geometric shapes to more artistic multi-tiered options.

3. Spacious Ceilings

The beauty of adding a waffle ceiling to your home is that the additional depth and artistic intricacies truly open up the space of your home. The beautiful depth and gorgeous look truly add elegance and sophistication to any room. With additional custom lighting and stunning light fixtures, you can truly make a statement when someone enters your home. Avoid the dull and boring minimalism of yesteryear and explore your creativity. Your home's interior deserves special care and design.

When looking for the best in-ceiling design and decorative moulding, call our seasoned experts at Cornice Trim. We genuinely know how to transform your home with elegant crown moulding, medallions, modern ceiling options, columns, and more. For years we have provided high-quality installation for homeowners throughout Ontario. When you need quality, call our team at Cornice Trim. We will be happy to help you find the perfect designs you need. Contact us today.


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