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4 Crown Moulding Design Ideas For Your Home

Crown moulding is a type of decorative trim added to the top of a wall where it meets the ceiling. Not only making the room seem taller, but far more luxurious. There are several crown moulding material options, and an endless array of profiles and styles to choose from. Not only that, but there are also unique ways to use it beyond the top of the wall and ceiling. Add architectural detail and elevate any room in your home with these creative crown moulding ideas for your home.

Use Crown Moulding Around Door Frames And Fireplaces

Door frames and windows are one of the most common places you'll find crown moUlding. And for good reason! It finishes the look and can add more personality to a room. This especially works well with simple mouldings against a patterned wallpaper or bold wall color. Moulding also makes an excellent focal point around fireplaces and cabinets.

Subtle Tone Differences

For subtle differences in neutral-toned rooms, opt for a crown molding and wall color that vary slightly. It's a nice way to break up the transition from wall to ceiling without drawing major attention to it.

Go Bold!

Forget what you know about basic crown molding. If your heart is set on flashy, vibrant colors, your crown molding can reflect the same. Simply keep the color consistent to maintain an upscale aesthetic. That being said, there's no rule stating that trim work all needs to be the same color. Add extra personality to a space by choosing two hues that work well together but stand on their own. Such as light blue and white.

Go Beyond Crown Moulding

Crown molding is what sits at the top of a wall or fixture, but it's not the only trim work that can be incorporated. When you're considering crown molding, think about the wall trim, baseboards, and other decorative moldings that can be built in. It's typically a good idea to think about it all at the same time so they match and play well off one another.

The ideas don’t end here! Crown moulding can be simple, intricate, sleek, or textured. It is a timeless accent piece that brings a touch of elegance to any room! Explore more styles and ideas to see which may be right for you. And if you want more expert tips? Contact our team at 905.856.9100 or today!


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