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Gorgeous Wall Trim Ideas for the Modern Home

Enhance the luxury of your home with elegant architectural trim designs. Baseboard trim helps home design come together. At each intersection, create a lovely intricate space. No matter your budget or home décor, increase your home value and ornate beauty with these popular wall trim ideas.

Modern Minimalism

The minimalist modern home values elegant simplicity over intricacy. Keep your baseboards simple and clean. The unifying look of the crisp lines of a basic baseboard anchors your home design. A simple polished baseboard allows you to create unique accent points with ornate wallpaper or slight subtle embellishments like wainscoting. Use neutral tones like off-white or light grey to unite the overall look further.

Classic Wood Baseboards

For the more traditional home or cabin, the warmth of natural wood accentuates perfectly. Inquire about options like poplar and other wood options. MDF offers a more flexible option for the home. Adding the right finish can create a warm, comfortable feel that makes your living space cozy.

Wainscoting provides both an elegant design for your home as well as a way to protect your walls. Most wainscoting offers additional protection but should not be used outside or in damp bathrooms. Other latex and semi-gloss paints give extra durability. Wainscoting provides an elegant way to prevent mould growth and minimizes termite damage. Enjoy the beauty of simple wainscoting at an affordable cost.

Custom Touches and Design

Add your unique style to your wall trim with intricate patterns and unique custom designs. Even in modern minimalist homes, the additional touch of intricate artistic designs truly stands out. Find ways to combine interesting patterns, geometrics, and unique patterns in your home.

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