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How to Choose Baseboard Colors

Looking to refresh your interior space? Why not consider painting your baseboards! A simple change of color can make a huge difference in the visual aesthetics of a room. If you’re looking for an effortlessly stylish interior, read on to learn how to choose baseboard colors that will create just that.


White is timeless, classic, and can complement any of the other colors that are a part of your interior decor. There’s a reason this is the number one go-to color for baseboards. White is great for blending and enhancing neutral tones, or tying everything together. If you have a bold feature wall, white is the way to go.

Neutral Tones

Looking to add a sense of warmth and a touch of texture to your room? Look for a neutral tone such as varying shades of earthy greens, mocha and chocolate colors, creams, silvers, and charcoal or black.! Neutral tones draw the eye's attention to interesting architectural features, such as windows or doors. They are also excellent for fusing together modern and traditional interior elements of your home.

Bold Colors

For the daring and the different, explore baseboard colors that make a statement. Bright yellows, corals, and baby blues can truly make your baseboards POP! This is also a great canvas for showcasing your personality - quirky, yet still more subtle and refined than painting an entire wall. The trick will be to pair your bold baseboards with otherwise neutral or white tones.

We hope you are one step closer to choosing a baseboard color that makes your room shine! Planning to paint your baseboards yourself? You can use a latex or oil-based paint with varying degrees of gloss. We recommend latex paints - which are easier to clean up - with a slightly glossy finish that will keep your baseboards more resistant to scuffing. Looking for more expert DIY tips? Contact our team at 905.856.9100 or today!


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