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How To Choose The Right Size Crown Moulding

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

Crown moulding is so much more than a decorative element in a room. It can help distinguish between formal and casual spaces. Or it can establish balance and proportion in a room. Whatever the reason for elevating your space with crown moulding, choosing the right size is crucial to the overall visual effect it will have. Let's dive into how you can choose crown moulding that is the perfect fit for complementing your home or commercial space.

Which Size Is Right For You?

  • b √8’ Ceilings: Does your home have 8’ ceilings? If so, we recommend a crown moulding size between 2-1/2" to 6" tall. The formality and overall square footage of the room can help you determine which size in that range is best. For example, a formal office may opt for the larger moulding to convey a sense of opulence and power. Which will work if the room has the ample square footage to balance a larger moulding.

  • 9' Ceilings: Ceilings of this height can accommodate a larger crown moulding. We recommend between 3" and 7-1/2". If the space is public, you can even include a picture mold for a little more zazz! At this height, we tend to recommend simpler mouldings unless your furnishings are more contemporary.

Fun Fact: these larger crowns tend to use 2 or more moulding profiles, and are referred

to as a Cornice.

  • 10’ And Up: If your home contains ceilings of 10' or higher, a larger crown moulding is critical for making a visual impact. We recommend a minimum of 9" for formal spaces such as dining and living rooms, and a minimum of 4" for more casual areas. With rooms this large, you can even play with ornate detailing.

By following the guidelines above you can ensure that the next room you create is both pleasing to the eye and follows the classic proportions of craftsmen throughout history. And always remember, a simple and well designed crown moulding is far superior to a moulding that is too elaborate and oversized.


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