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How To Clean Baseboards

Baseboards! We’ve already told you the reasons why baseboards are a must-have for your home. And just like every other object in your house, baseboards have to be taken care of. Generally speaking, baseboards should be cleaned at least twice per month, and a more thorough cleaning should be done twice per year to remove heavy grime and scuff marks. Sound intense? It’s not! In this article we will share tricks for cleaning your baseboards no matter your cleaning style.

1. Remove the surface dust.

Spiderwebs and dust can be easily removed by using a microfiber cloth, duster, or the upholstery attachment of your vacuum. Pay special attention to the nooks, crannies, and crevices to ensure no speck is left behind!

2. Mix up a cleaning solution!

If you have vinyl or painted baseboards, you can mix 1/2 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid with two quarts of warm water. Vinegar and water can also be used for a more natural method. For wooden baseboards, it is best to use a commercial wood cleaner available over the counter. Dip your microfiber cloth in the solution, being sure to wring out extra moisture, and get to wiping away that grime!

3. Hard to reach area? Grab a q-tip!

Some baseboards feature intricate detailing, others a simple crevice. Either way, Q-Tips and cotton swabs are great for getting to those hard to reach areas!

4. No cleaning job is complete without a Magic Eraser.

Magic erasers are incredible at removing stuck-on food and scuff marks from painted baseboards. For wooden baseboards, a clean school eraser can be used to achieve the same result. WD-40 has also proven effective for buffing away scuff marks on vinyl baseboards.

5. Greasy baseboards in the kitchen?

It happens! Adding a small amount of degreaser to one of the above solutions will cut through that grease in a matter of seconds.

Just finished cleaning your baseboards? Now wipe them with a dryer sheet! The silicone coating will make removing dust from your baseboards easier next time you clean. Want more expert tips? Contact our team at 905.856.9100 or today!


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