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Is Crown Moulding Right For Your Home?

Different people have different preferences. Some people really like mushrooms, other people cannot stand the texture. The same is true for architectural features, such as crown moulding. While we personally believe crown moulding adds a stunning visual presence that immediately elevates your home, that doesn't mean they're right for everybody. Perhaps you enjoy a contemporary look. Or like wide moldings but feel your ceiling is too low. If you’ve found yourself wondering whether crown moulding is right for your home, we’ve got news for you.

Consider The Overall Style And Ceiling Height Of Your Home

Large scale rooms in a traditional home bode well with larger, ornate mouldings. In a contemporary home, however, this classic look may seem out of place. But it can still be done! Keeping furnishings simple and adorning the room with clean lines and little to no patterns will allow a more ornate crown moulding to stand out. Giving the architecture a chance to run the show!

Account For Existing Decorative Elements

Wondering if your larger than life decor may be too much for crown moulding? Large furnishings and decorations can pair well with simpler, wider sized mouldings that are neither too large nor too small. These mouldings can also hold their own against patterned furniture or walls. Pro trick: use drywall to create the illusion of wider crown mouldings!

Have A Low Ceiling?

A low ceiling is no problem! As with other rooms in the home, simply pair the moulding with the room by accounting for the scale of the room and the style of the home and the furniture. 8 to 9' ceilings can pair well with 5" wide mouldings. A more creative approach could be crown moulding on the ceiling, surrounding a decorative lighting fixture.

Modern Home?

There are some incredible new contemporary options when it comes to crown moulding. Like this intricately lined, fresh, and clean crown moulding by Solomon & Wu.

So there you have it! While not every crown moulding is right for everybody, there is definitely a crown moulding out there for you. Wondering if there’s a fit for you in our crown moulding selection? Contact our team at 905.856.9100 or today!


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