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The Purpose of Baseboards

Baseboards are a delightful, yet often overlooked, feature found in many homes. And while they can provide a modern transition between the wall and the floor, their purpose is more than aesthetic. In fact, one could even say that they are necessary. So what are the many advantages of baseboards?

Prevent Physical Damage

Vacuums, mops, golf balls - you name it. The bottom area of the wall is highly susceptible to damage that can come from moving furniture or accidental bumps with the vacuum. Luckily, baseboards can take the beating!

Prevent Water Damage

The material that comprises drywall is extremely vulnerable to moisture damage. Without baseboards, moisture spilled on the floor or from cleaning could easily penetrate the drywall. This moisture often expands upward, creating unsightly damage. Baseboards create a barrier between the two, effectively preventing this from happening.

Help Keep The House Clean

Baseboards can provide a solid 90-degree gap for dirt and debris to stop at. Without baseboards, dirt would simply fall in the cracks between the wall and the floor. With this feature, dirt and debris can easily be swept or wiped away instead.

Help Hide Imperfections

It may be hard to believe or even see, but most walls are not straight. A quality baseboard installation can help disguise that to the naked eye. And if you’re the owner of a hardwood floor, baseboards are a must to cover the gap left for accommodating wood’s contraction and expansion.

So whether you want a cleaner house or simply want to hide a construction flaw, baseboards are a must for your home! Contact our team at 905.856.9100 or to set up your baseboard installation today.


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