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Top Baseboard Trends

If you are renovating or designing your home, small details like baseboards are what will ultimately form a cohesive, thoughtful design. Trim is the glue holding all the details of a home together. And luckily, baseboards come in a wide array of styles to suit any desired aesthetic. Here are our top baseboard trends based on your individual style.

Bohemian Style Baseboards

Boho chic is a trend sweeping the nation as people begin to embrace their roots and their quirkiness! Bohemian style can be defined as eclectic, funky, earthy and unconventional. If this sounds like you, ornate (think Moroccan patterns) baseboards with curves will be a winning look in your room!

The Modern Farmhouse

Minimal, fresh spaces with bright. Natural lighting that invites you in is what the modern farmhouse is all about. Think white walls and a bowl of lemons, limes, or oranges. So of course the best baseboard to accentuate this aesthetic is simple, flat, and angular. No need to go bold here. A crisp white or cream will work well.

Shabby Chic

Delicate and effortless. Shabby chic combines elegance with distressed elements - so of course a pastel or cream curved baseboard would enhance any shabby chic interior.

Industrial and Vintage

Bold lines, sharp angles, and exposed concrete are all marks of vintage industrial design. It’s a rugged design style that’s urban, edgy, and strong. Generally, vintage industrial homes call for straight lines, and very square trim styles.

To add more of a stand-out presence in your home, do not be afraid to play with your baseboards grooving, texture, and height. Ultimately, it’s a matter of personal preference. If you want the types of baseboards that fit your home’s décor, the right baseboards depend on your existing aesthetic and what you’re trying to achieve with your baseboards.

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