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Top Baseboard Trends for 2022

Baseboards are the place where all the details of a home come together - they can be ornate or simple, understated or sophisticated. Baseboards may have been overlooked in the past, but today they are indispensable for not only unifying the unique features and flow of your home, but also for protecting against bumps from furniture and scuffs from feet. Updating your baseboards is a quick and easy way to transform the aesthetic of your home (and hide those bumps!). In this article we will look at the Top Baseboard Trends for 2022 to help you choose a trim that is not only modern, but timeless.


A richly stained wooden baseboard brings a warmth to any home or business. Wooden baseboards can tie together the flooring of your home, or mimic other elements in the room such as tables or frames. Pairing wooden baseboards with neutral walls and other simple design elements will provide the clean, calming vibe that 2021 is all about!


We’re still looking at a lot of time spent at home in 2021, so recessed baseboards are a practical option for those of us who want baseboards that won’t collect dust or be battered by furniture. Recessed baseboards are understated, unique, and neat - but if you are going for a little more zest, adding LED lights in the space between the wall and baseboard is a wonderful option.


Popularity of industrial design elements in apartments and commercial buildings has been steadily increasing - and our baseboards are changing with it. Metal baseboards are a stunning and sleek option for a room with concrete flooring or exposed brick and ductwork. These baseboards are also virtually indestructible. Who doesn’t need a little more strength to bring into 2021 with them?


Marble, slate, and limestone are forecasted flooring trends for 2021. Natural stone baseboards are a great option for complementing, and seamlessly blending, that type of flooring with the rest of your home. The final look is majestic and awe inspiring!

To add more of a stand-out presence in your home, do not be afraid to play with your baseboards grooving, texture, and height. Ultimately whichever style you choose will be the perfect one for you! To schedule your first consultation today, contact us at 905-856-9100 or


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