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What Is Wainscoting?

Wondering what on earth "wainscoting" is? These decorative panels are a fantastic way to boost your home's interior appeal - and luckily they come in design styles that suit every taste. Read on to learn pros and costs of this trendy wall decor.

What Is Wainscoting?

Wainscoting originated in the 18th century as a way to insulate the room. Today it is used as a decorative wall accent that spruces up any room! Wainscoting is typically installed on the lower portion of the wall, but can reach heights anywhere from chair-rail level to 5' for maximum impact. If you want to install any higher, you may consider crown moulding instead.

Though originally made from wood, panels now come in a variety of materials and looks. Different rooms will benefit from the different materials. For example, real wood can hold up to spatters and spills in the kitchen, while ceramic tile can be used in bathrooms thanks to its non porous qualities. Other materials include PVC, embossed metal, and molded drywall. Each material adds a different style or texture to the room, so which one you choose will depend largely on your personal taste.

When it comes to wainscoting, the design options are nearly endless. Panels can be painted an accent color, embossed with beads, arranged horizontally, and so much more!

How Much Does Wainscoting Cost?

The cost of wainscoting will vary based on what the panel is made of and how much of the material you will need. Manufactured wainscoting panels range anywhere from $8 to $10, while hardwood panels will run $12 to $20 per square foot. Higher grade woods or panels with intricate designs can run as high as $40 per square foot. You should also factor in the cost of labor. That being said, wainscoting is a valuable investment, adding unmatched ambiance to the room, protection against scuffs and scratches, and value to your home.

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