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Which Rooms Should Not Have Crown Moulding?

Some will tell you that crown moulding is the difference between a bland room and a breathtaking masterpiece. Others will tell you that crown mouldings are just an easy and inexpensive way to add value to your home. Some will tell you to adorn every room in your home with crown moulding, while others will claim that crown moulding doesn’t belong in today’s homes. So what is the real story here? And is there ever an instance in which rooms should not have crown moulding?

Which Rooms Does Crown Moulding Work Well In?

Some rooms in the house always make a desirable place for crown moulding. Take the living room for example! And in todays open-concept floor plans, that crown moulding can extend to the hallway, the kitchen, and even the dining room. Entryways, bathrooms, and master bedrooms also make excellent spaces for crown moulding. Bringing with it a certain depth and elegance to the space.

Which Rooms Should Not Have Crown Moulding?

Believe it or not, there are a few situations where crown moulding may not be the best fit for a room. Homes with a more modern aesthetic based on sleek, sharp lines may also completely forgo crown moulding. However, this also means detailing all the edges in the home to account for any gaps or inconsistencies. It's also a good idea to decide against crown moulding in rooms with other outstanding features that should be highlighted instead. For example, crown moulding would look tacky next to a wooden ceiling. And some design elements make it impractical to incorporate crown moulding, such as exposed beam, cathedral, or vaulted ceilings.

Nevertheless, crown moulding can bring an unmatched charm and sense of completeness into spaces that are otherwise plain or uninteresting on their own. In general, it's best to ask yourself a few questions when deciding which rooms to add crown moulding to. Will it improve the space? Will it fit the budget? Will it fit the schedule? And, ultimately, will it make you happy? If you’re ready to add crown moulding to your home, contact us today at 905.856.9100 or


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