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Why Baseboards Are A Must For Your Home

If you find yourself asking "what's the big deal about baseboards?" then this article is for you! Baseboards are a delightful, yet often overlooked, feature found in many homes. So what makes them a “must have” for your home? The experts at Cornice Trim can think of a few reasons!

  1. Baseboards are a two for one deal, providing both aesthetic flair and technical purpose. They can be used to hide foundational cracks or conceal wires, all while simultaneously providing a modern transition between the wall and the floor.

  2. Baseboards protect the drywall against physical damage. This area of the room is highly susceptible to damage that can come from moving furniture or accidental bumps with the vacuum. Luckily, baseboards can take the beating!

  3. Baseboards help keep the house clean! Without baseboards, dirt would simply fall in the cracks between the wall and the floor. With this feature, dirt and debris can easily be swept away instead.

  4. Did you know most walls aren’t straight? Baseboards are able to hide this physical blooper from the naked eye.

  5. If you have hardwood floors, baseboards are a great aesthetic option for your home. They can be used to conceal the gap that is left behind for the wood to expand and contract.

  6. Mopping and baseboards go hand in hand. Moisture from cleaning the floor can easily penetrate drywall, causing unsightly water stains and other damage. Baseboards create a barrier between the two, effectively preventing this from happening.

  7. Baseboards are a form of expression! Coming in a variety of different materials and styles, there’s a baseboard for everyone. Use them with crown molding to subtly tie the room together, or shine a little light in an otherwise dark space.

We know what you’re thinking - what more reasons do I need? From personalizing your room to protecting against damage, baseboards are a must for your home. Contact our team at 905.856.9100 or to set up your baseboard installation today!


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