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Why Incorporate Decorative Moulding Into Your Renovations?

As you begin planning for your home renovations, remember to consider all the details that go into completing a room. Imagine you are standing in your home. You take a look at all the walls, the floor, the ceiling. However, something seems to be “missing.” Of course - the room is missing that essential detail that ties everything together!. Decorative moulding is the final touch to a home's interior, turning something simple into something sophisticated and complete. Wondering why else you should incorporate decorative moulding into your renovations?

Enhance Existing Features

From cabinets to windows, every individual detail of your home is what sets it apart. Customizing each space with its own unique character. Decorative moulding can be used to accentuate these features, or as a way to add additional distinction to the room. It’s what makes your home your home.

Cover Boring Transitions and Imperfections

There’s nothing glamorous about the 90 degree angle where the wall meets the ceiling and floor. But what happens when you adorn the space with a baseboard or crown moulding? Suddenly the room appears more luxurious, more polished, and more settled. Not only does this easy renovation differentiate your house, but will increase the value of your home should you need to sell in the future.

Lived In Spaces Get Damaged

Part of your reason for renovating may be to fix damage caused by day to day living. Kids, pets, and people in general are always moving, spilling, bumping, and scraping. Decorative moulding can help prevent damage to paint and walls, acting as a buffer that keeps your home looking its best.

Moulding Is An Affordable Renovation

Decorative moulding is not an expensive detail to incorporate into your renovation plans. It’s also quick for professionals to install; in just a few days you will have transferred your room to one that will draw all eyes upward.

Decorative Moulding Renovation Tips

  • For a fully cohesive look. match the styles of baseboards and crown molding to create a finished room.

  • Doors can have decorative trim too! However, door casings do not need to match floor or ceiling trims.

  • Contrast paint colors of the walls and trim to avoid clashes within your interior design.

  • Most of all - have fun! Remember, decorative moulding is there to personalize your living space.

Need help sorting through all your decorative moulding options? We’re here to help! Schedule your first consultation with us today by contacting our team at 905-856-9100 or


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