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3 Tips For Choosing Baseboard Colors

You’ve finally selected the perfect wall color, but your paint decisions aren’t quite finished yet! You still need to choose a color for baseboards, moulding, and other trim details throughout your space. Baseboards, which are super practical, also add architectural character and dimension to a room - so you want them to coordinate with the overall aesthetic of your home. What better element to invite fresh color into a room? Whether you prefer molding to blend in or stand out, these 3 tips for choosing baseboard colors can help you create a look you'll love.

When To Choose White

Are your walls all dressed up in color? Whether soft or bold, then white trim is guaranteed to set them off well. In rooms with dark or intensely colored walls, white trim lightens and brightens, accenting the strong hue and bringing visual relief. In rooms with light or pastel walls, white trim makes the color look cleaner and clearer while introducing just enough contrast.

Light Walls And Dark Stained Baseboards

Creamy, light walls? Staining wooden baseboards a darker color is an excellent way to add sophisticated drama to the room. But you may be wondering if darker trim will make the room appear smaller. It won’t! What it will do is call attention to any architectural points of interest in the space and help the design and details of your room stand out more prominently. When going this route, it’s a good idea to also stain window, doorframes, and other areas of interest.

Going Beyond The Basic Baseboard Color Combinations

Choosing a color for your baseboards goes beyond colored walls and white trim, or light walls and wooden trim. In fact, your trim is a wonderful place to play with color! If you love color, consider painting your baseboards a contrasting hue that's equal in intensity to the wall color. Window treatments, fabrics, furniture, area rugs, and accessories are all good sources for color inspiration. For pale walls, don’t be afraid to go bold. May be you want mustard yellow, sage, pink, a muted green…the options are endless!

Your baseboards deserve the chance to shine! By choosing to paint your baseboards a certain color, you are choosing to create depth and vibrancy that make your home unique and complete. Are you interested in learning more about your design options? Contact our team at 905.856.9100 or today!


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