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5 Facts About Coffered Ceilings

In modern day architecture, the ceiling has quickly climbed to the top as the “fifth wall” of a room. Adding ornamental details to your ceiling not only adds an element of grandeur and elegance, but also creates the illusion of a larger room. While there are many decorative ceiling styles out there, from vaulted to domed, one of the classic and most versatile options is the coffered ceiling!

1. Coffered literally means indentation.

Coffered ceilings are a series of recessed panels that are most often arranged in a rectangular or square grid. These indented spaces are perfect for drawing attention to decorative lighting or subdividing larger, open-plan rooms.

2. Coffered ceilings date back to ancient Rome.

This timeless ceiling style was originally crafted to reduce the weight of stone ceilings in ancient Rome! Their popularity increased during the Renaissance and again in the 20th centuries, especially in the homes of the wealthy.

3. Coffered ceilings can be designed in an infinite number of patterns and shapes.

There are no shape limitations when it comes to coffered ceilings, which can be arranged anywhere from a rectangle to a triangle. This versatile architectural detail can also be composed of different materials such as wood, plaster, and fiberboard.

4. Coffered ceilings can serve a practical purpose.

This dramatic detail is not purely decorative! Coffered ceilings are great for absorbing sounds in urban developments, and can be used for covering up structural elements that cannot be removed such as beams or pipes.

5. Coffered ceilings work best in rooms with higher ceilings.

Because the beams extend downwards, it is essential that coffered ceilings are in rooms with a height of 9 feet or more. This will prevent the room from feeling “closed in.”

If you are looking to add drama and elegance to your ceiling, coffered ceilings are an excellent option. Their versatility allows them to be adopted into a more contemporary aesthetic, or they can pay homage to their Baroque roots. If you are interested in installing a coffered ceiling in your home, contact our team today at 905.856.9100 or


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