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5 Modern Crown Moulding Designs

Crown molding has been used for centuries to accentuate architectural details and add a touch of coveted elegance. It not only adds value to your home by alluding to the upscale, but enhances the quality of your home’s construction. While once thought of as traditional, crown moulding is not off limits when it comes to a contemporary abode. Painted, stained, or left in its natural state, there are numerous styles of crown molding to choose from. Each guaranteed to blend in seamlessly with your home’s aesthetic!

Lighted Crown Moulding

Give your home a soft, ambient glow with this modern trend! A popular addition to crown moulding today is the addition of LED light strips. These lights blend seamlessly with mouldings of all kinds - including intricately detailed coves, sleek and simple lines, or even stacked mouldings.

Stacked Crown Moulding

Want your room to appear larger? Try stacked crown moulding! This technique layers crown moulding on top of each other to create a stacked appearance. For a more modern appearance, opt for a moulding with clean lines.

Ceiling Moulding

Crown moulding isn’t limited to the area between the wall and ceiling. The “overflowing” crown moulding might be perfect for a room with 8’ ceilings! This technique featured moulding predominately on the ceiling. Opt for a moulding with intricate designs to really add a wow factor that effortlessly blends contemporary and classic aesthetics.

Barely There Crown Moulding

Simple and understated. The barely there crown moulding is a thin strip of moulding at the top of the room. This style is perfect for the minimalist in your life, adding cheer and style without overwhelming the space.

Steel Crown Moulding

Industrial style interiors are quickly gaining traction. Adding a steel or metal crown moulding, with the right corresponding interior elements, can transform your room to a futuristic haven.

Still wondering if crown moulding is for you? If you want to improve the look of a room, crown molding is a great way to do it. Style isn’t the only reason to use crown molding. It can also be used at waist level to protect walls or break up two shades of paint. It can also be used over door frames or significant features such as a fireplace to draw more attention to them.

Want to learn more about your moulding options? Contact our team at 905.856.9100 or to set up your baseboard installation today.


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