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6 Unique Ceiling Medallion Ideas

Say goodbye to boring ceilings and lackluster home decor. With the right ceiling medallion, anything is possible! These eye-catching features can be utilized in a variety of ways. From covering up imperfections to adding a bit of flair to the mantle, your ceiling medallion is sure to make a statement. We’ve composed a list of unique ceiling medallion ideas to get you started!

Square Ceiling Medallions

Ceiling medallions aren’t limited to a circle shape. Give a modern twist to this classic architectural detail with a square ceiling medallion!

Mirror Ceiling Medallions

Make your room look larger with a mirrored ceiling medallion! This elegant detail is sure to draw the eye's attention. Go with multiple smaller mirrors in a honeycomb shape, or opt for a large circle.

Sunburst Ceiling Medallions

Make those sun salutations a little more interesting by looking up at a sunburst ceiling medallions! Sunburst medallions are a great way to enhance simple light fixtures. And make for a fun DIY Weekend Project!

Barrel Ceiling Medallion

Do you have a particular affection for wine? Then a unique barrel ceiling medallion is a must for your home! Simply repurpose the end of a barrel and adjust room for the lighting fixture! Bringing a rustic, and simultaneously elegant, feel to your kitchen or wine room.

Repurposed Iron Scrolls

Iron scrolls are commonly found in homes and offices. They are used for hanging plants, curtains, etcetera. Switch up the classic use for a more unique ceiling medallion idea!

Paint The Perfect Ceiling Medallion

Already found the perfect ceiling medallion but it’s a little too...plain? Bring a bit of flair to the room by painting in some of the present details on the medallion.

When it comes to ceiling medallions, your options are almost endless. They range anywhere from elaborate and geometric designs, to simple moldings. They can be made of wood, plaster, metal or more. Ultimately, it comes down to your personal style. Whichever material and shape you choose, these visual centerpieces will add opulence to any room in your home.

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