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Changes In Crown Moulding Design

Crown moulding - easily one of the most beautiful embellishments found in the homes of today and yesterday. This architectural detail boasts a rich history, dating back centuries, And while the concept and design has evolved throughout the ages, its sophistication and elegance has proven timeless. So how has the design of crown moulding developed over the years?

What Is Crown Moulding?

Molding, also referred to at times as coving, is a decorative piece of wood, plaster or another material used to finish or add attractive detail to a surface. Crown molding is a particular type of decorative molding commonly used to finish the transition where the top of the wall meets the ceiling. No matter what style or design crown molding features, for the centuries that it has existed, it's always been a symbol of opulence and an attention to architectural detail.

Original Design of Crown Moulding

Originally, crown moulding was used by the Egyptians to create ornate details for columns or the exterior of buildings. Greeks used this moulding in a similar fashion; Greek architects would use the epikranitis. These pieces of carved moulding would dress up the transition from the vertical wall to the horizontal ceiling in temples just as our modern crown moulding does.

Crown Moulding Spans The Atlantic

This trend persisted throughout the years. During the Age of Enlightenment, American architects embraced the classical features of Greco-Roman architecture to create Neoclassical masterpieces. Columns, pilasters and molding embellished the great homes and state buildings built during this era. But moulding remained a niche product - reserved for only the elite as each piece had to be crafted by hand. With the Industrial Revolution came the ability to mass produce architectural details, such as crown moulding. While maintaining the beauty of handcrafted moulding, this technology also allowed for more intricate and sophisticated designs to emerge.

When it comes to decorative moulding today, crown moulding still stands out as the favorite among homeowners and architects.There are no homes where crown molding will look out of place, as long as you choose the style that’s right for you.If you need guidance in finding the best style for your home, contact us today at 905.856.9100 or


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