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How To Make A Crown Moulding Shelf

Crown molding is the pinnacle of a classy room. A properly installed crown molding can catch the attention of a person and completely change their perception of the room. Using crown moulding as a shelf takes this pinnacle and transforms it into a new medium. These reimagined ledges can be used to display books, beloved photos, flowers, and other novelty ornaments around your home.

How To Make A Crown Moulding Shelf

  • Determine what size ledge you want, then gather your crown moulding pieces. These can be unfinished solid wood crown molding to or finished versions depending on your taste.

  • Next, you need to make precise cuts, creating the shelf top, box front, box sides, box bottom, and wall cleat. For a 36” shelf, build a base with slightly smaller measurements. Assemble these base pieces with pocket holes and wood glue. Allow glue to dry.

  • To complete the assembly, line up the top shelf and attach with more glue, then cap the bottom of your box the same way. For hanging, drill holes in the back edges of the shelf, approximately ½” from each edge.

  • Depending on how much weight you plan to place on your ledge, design the best size wall cleat and screw it to a wall stud. Then, place your shelf on top of it and secure it in place.

How To Make Floating Crown Moulding

  • To install floating crown molding, use a hidden strip of wood to screw the bottom of the crown molding into, securing it to the wall and making it appear as if it is floating.

  • Purchase already cut crown molding to your size specifications or cut your own. Measure the location you wish to install the crown molding and mark it with a pencil. Next, locate a small piece of wood approximately ¾” thick and 1¼” high. It will need to fit in the void space caused by the angle of the crown molding.

  • Once level, screw the wood piece into the wall. These screws need to go at least 1” deep into the wall studs for maximum security. If the piece of crown molding is 6” deep, a ¾” thick wood strip should offer enough support.

  • Next, add your crown molding on top of the secured wood strip. This method can be used for simple crown molding or to make a floating crown molding ledge.

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