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How To Make Your Ceiling Medallions Look Festive

Decorating for Christmas can be one of the most fun parts of the Holiday! Adorned stair railings, lights around the house, a tree in the corner, and stocking over the fireplace. But what about your ceiling? Don’t forget to leave your fifth wall out of the festivities! Utilize your ceiling medallion to create an interior winter wonderland Santa would be proud to call home.


Evergreen garland is a Christmastime staple. You can wrap evergreen around the outside of the medallion, creating a ceiling wreath. You can even add ribbons, small ornaments, or snow dusted pine cones for a little extra Christmas flair.

Dazzling Ribbons

Moving from the center of the medallion, you can string ribbons, lights, evergreen, or a mixture of the three to the extending walls in the room. While a bit more work, the end effect is sure to dazzle your Holiday guests.

Utilize The Lighting Fixture

Chances are if you have a ceiling medallion, it’s placed above a gorgeous chandelier or lighting fixture. Consider hanging additional ornaments and white feather boas around the fixture to capture the snowy charm of the holiday season.

How To Decorate Your Ceiling

When attaching Christmas decorations to your ceiling, your most important strategy should be to make sure the items do not fall. Do not use push pins or everyday tape since those items generally don't hold well. Opt to attach Christmas decorations to your ceiling using strong hooks or fishing line instead.

We hope these creative ideas have inspired you to deck the halls with your ceiling medallion!


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