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Top High End Coffered Ceiling Ideas

Though you may not notice a typical ceiling, a coffered ceiling can transform a room from plain Jane to unmatchable opulence. This classic architectural feature is achieved by leaving spaces between ceiling framework beams. Creating a geometric focal point that can be as intricate or sleek as the homeowner desires. These ceilings are a clever way to designate separate areas within an open floor plan, or transform an otherwise simple room into a luxurious space. Wondering how to apply coffered ceiling ideas to your home’s interior? Check out our top high end coffered ceiling ideas!

Rustic And Polished

Coffered ceilings pair well with natural lighting and wood tones. If you are looking for a casual, yet refined interior, consider wood for your interior panels and paint the beams white. If you happen to have hardwood floors, this will seamlessly tie the room together. Large windows or French pane doors make the effect even better!

Tasteful Addition of Color

Painting the recessed panels, or the beams in between panels, is a sophisticated way to make a statement with your coffered ceiling. Those leaning towards the modern or minimalist style may opt for shades of gray or brown. Homeowner’s who aren’t afraid of being a little more bold may opt for garnet or navy blues. These colors can be made to accentuate other features within the room, such as curtains or pillows, to achieve a consistent flow.

Lighting Fixtures

Nothing changes the ambiance of a space quite like the lighting. If you are looking to add a touch of elegance to your coffered ceiling, explore various lighting fixtures. Molding details surrounding the panels can be enhanced with reflective lights along the beams. Or lights can be tastefully placed along the corners or within the center of the panel. A bold chandelier can be placed in the center of the room. The options are endless, but all are sure to add charm and style to your interior.


Coffered ceilings are not limited to squares. These days, materials can be shaped to create breathtaking curves and other shapes that will add incredible appeal to your room. Likewise, molding can be used to add touches of texture. Intricate details or clean lines along beams, within panels, or in molding can also all be used to create the aesthetic you desire.

Regardless of which style of coffered ceiling you choose to go with, you can be sure it will add opulence and true value to your home. We are here to offer design assistance and answer any further questions you may have. Contact our incredible team at 905.856.9100 or today!


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