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Top Installation Tips for Crown Moulding

Crown molding has been used for centuries to accentuate architectural details and add a touch of coveted elegance. It not only adds value to your home by alluding to the upscale, but enhances the quality of your home’s construction. And the good news? These results are all achievable over the weekend. While we prefer you hire a professional, installing crown moulding can be done with some careful planning and proper tools. Read on for our top crown moulding installation tips!

Width Matters

The golden rule to crown mouldings is simple: the taller the ceiling, the wider the crown you should use. For more accuracy when deciding on a width, try purchasing several different widths and see how they look in your home. You can try this with varying styles as well to really determine what the moulding’s effect will be in your home. Generally, 5-1/4″ moulding makes a dramatic change to rooms with 8′ to 10′ ceilings and rooms with a 10′ to 12′ ceiling may consider a width of 6-1/4″.

Painted, Stained, or Plain?

If you will be installing the crown moulding yourself, bear in mind that stained mouldings require far more attention and skill since there is no filler to be used. Joints on these types of mouldings must be spot on. So while deciding which type of finish your crown moulding will possess may seem like an aesthetic detail, it is essential to installation success.

Is Your Toolbox Complete?

The thing with crown moulding is, it has to be cut in an exact way. Which can be confusing without the right tools. Not to mention detrimental to your installation job. Before beginning to install your crown moulding, you should acquire both a large chop saw and a cordless nailer. You can thank us later! Chopsaws can accurately cut trim pieces at precise angles. While a cordless nailer will allow you to have one hand on the trim and one hand on the nailer. Goodbye, inaccurate nail and hammer.

If you want to improve the look of a room, installing crown moulding is a great way to do it. While we know these tips will help you install moulding like a pro, you may still have some questions. Not to worry, our team is here to help! Contact us today at 905.856.9100 or to set up your crown moulding installation today.

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