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What Are Waffled Ceilings?

Coffered Ceilings are unmatched when it comes to adding texture, elegance, and architectural interest to a room. A traditional variation of the coffered ceiling uses cross-beams to create a waffle pattern. This is known as a waffled ceiling. However, as modern design evolves, so too has the waffle ceiling! These ceilings now come in a variety of designs, styles, shapes, and materials. We’ve put together this guide to help you understand more about waffle ceilings, and which pattern may suit your space the best.

The History of Waffled Ceilings

Coffered or Waffled Ceilings originated in ancient Greek and Roman architecture. Then, they were used to distribute structural weight, lighten the load of cathedral ceilings, and bring symmetry to high spaces. Today these ceilings are used more often for aesthetics as opposed to structural integrity.

Style of Waffled Ceilings

Beams can be arranged in a square, rectangle, octagon, diamond, or other shape. These beams are normally made from wood, plaster, or MDF and come in a variety of finishes. Fun fact, the indentation between beams is called a lacunar, caisson, or coffer! Mouldings can also be added to the indentations. Mouldings act as transitional architectural elements, which set the rhythm with their repeated pattern; outlining the beams and adding texture through the sunken panels..

Today, style and design capabilities are limitless. Contemporary homes may be well suited to long ovals, diamonds, or even floral patterns. LED lighting or mirrors can be added to the panels for "wow factor." Beams can b e distressed to add drama to the room. From traditional to rustic to contemporary, there is a style of waffled ceiling for you.


For larger areas or rooms with low ceilings, wainscotting is an excellent way to add depth, eloquently define the style, refine the space, and make a visual impact. The wainscoting can act as the beam, accentuate coffering, or add a touch of coloring. The lines can form any shape, but the end product is always exquisite when it is customized.

Regardless of which style of waffled ceiling you choose to go with, the effect will add visual interest and true value to your home. We are here to answer any questions or provide design assistance. If you would like to discuss your decorative ceiling options further, contact our team at 905.856.9100 or today!


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