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What is a Decorative Ceiling?

A ceiling is the perfect canvas for adding character and impact to the interior of your home. From ornamental to simple, decorative ceilings offer more wow-factor to your home than their conventional counterparts. In this article we will discuss what comprises a decorative ceiling and the various types of decorative ceilings available.

A decorative ceiling is any ceiling that has varying elements added to it. A decorative ceiling could be vaulted or coved, or it could feature beams and other aesthetic elements. When it comes to a decorative ceiling, the options are nearly unlimited!


If you want to make your room appear larger while eliciting a sense of grandiosity, consider a coved, domed, or vaulted ceiling. Vaulted ceilings slope upward, domed ceilings feature a sphere in the middle, while cove ceilings curve upward; no matter which style you choose, both will add a dramatic increase in visual space and can be customized with colors, textures, or imagery.


Exposed beams have become increasingly popular in modern interior spaces. They can be created with real or faux wood and add a sense of majesty to whichever room they are a part of.


Ceiling medallions are decorative rosettes placed in the center of a chandelier or light fixture to hide the wiring. They range anywhere from elaborate and geometric designs to simple mouldings and can be made of wood, plaster, metal or more. Whichever material and shape you choose, these visual centerpieces will add opulence to any room in your home.


Coffers are a stunning and affordable way to add elegance to your home. Coffered ceilings are a series of hollows on the surface of a ceiling constructed with PVC. They are ideal for hiding imperfections on the ceiling while simultaneously creating the illusion of height.

The possibilities that decorative ceilings can create in a home are endless. Do you want to install an attractive ceiling medallion? Call the experts at Cornice Trim Decorative Moulding today! Our seasoned team of experts will help you find the perfect medallions or decorative ceiling element for your home.


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