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What is the Best Material for Crown Moulding?

If you are looking to add architectural interest and elegance to your room, look no further than crown moulding. Also called cornices, crown moulding enhances the character of your space by uniquely separating walls and ceilings. Seems like a straightforward choice, right? But, crown mouldings are more complex than they seem; coming in a wide variety of styles and materials. Read on to find out which crown moulding material best suits your home’s individual style.

Best for Variety: Wood

Wood is one of the most popular choices for crown moulding. Available in a variety of colors and options, wood can be easily stained and painted. You can also create an elaborate hardwood crown molding with a carved or milled design. Ranging anywhere from $10 per foot for pine and maple mouldings, to $45 per foot for exotic woods such as padauk; wooden crown mouldings can be as affordable as you like!.

Best for High-End Styles: Plaster

Plaster is the king of crown moulding; with the price tag to show for it! Going hand in hand with plaster walls, this moulding is perfect for grand interiors and high ceilings. Simultaneously, they require custom ordering and professional installation. Premade plaster will run between $9 to $20 per foot. You will need to hire a plaster repair contractor with experience in plaster molding installation.

Best for Humid Rooms and Climates: PVC

If you live in a humid area, or perhaps would like crown moulding in your bathroom, PVC is your best bet! A practical and budget friendly option, PVC will not rot or warp if it gets wet. This type of crown molding generally costs between $4 to $8 per foot.

Best for Curves: Flex

Flex is a rubbery material that is flexible enough to wrap around bay windows and curved walls. Flex crown moulding is a special-order material that can be pricey, yet is more cost-effective than a custom carpentry job required for intricate architecture.

Best for DIYers: Polystyrene Foam

Polystyrene foam is ideal for sprucing up your room in a pinch. The light foam material is great for DIY projects, as the only tool required is scissors. This simple, budget-friendly crown molding works well for homeowners who are looking for a quick solution more than a design elevation.

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