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Which Baseboards Are Right For Your Home?

If you think baseboards are a minor detail, think again! Baseboards play a significant role in not only how your room looks, but how it feels. The types of baseboards you use can give your space an entirely new look, tie a design together, and offer a sense of wholeness. But with so many varying options available on the market, it can be difficult to decide which baseboards are right for your home. Luckily, we’ve put together a quick guide with tips and tricks to help you select the right baseboards for your home.

Available Baseboard Options

Baseboards come in all sorts of styles. This can include beaded, ornate, smooth, square, curved, a variety of colors, different sizes, and even varying heights. Materials abound as well! Solid wood, jointed wood, and MDF (medium-density fiberboard) baseboards are among the most popular material choices. And while things like budget or color preference will determine the material, style is where it gets more complicated. So which baseboard is right for your home’s style?

Ornate or Rounded Edge Baseboards

Ornate and rounded edge baseboards work in homes which can be described as eclectic, unconventional, delicate, or effortless. Suiting bohemian or contemporary homes perfectly. Ornate baseboards feature intricate trim or funky designs, while curved baseboards feature a rounded edge opposed to a square one. Bonus factor? The rounded edge harbors far less dirt than their square counterparts.

Simple, Flat, and Angular Baseboards

Crisp, fresh, and minimal. This is the feeling a simple baseboard evokes. Pairing perfectly with the modern farmhouse or industrial aesthetic, which both celebrate straight lines, bold angles, and exposed elements. Colors, such as bright whites, light creams, or even metal if going for the industrial feel, can all accentuate these styles.

Bold Baseboards

New traditional homes merge the tailored appeal of a classic style with the sophistication and intrigue of modern interior design. Curves, bevels, and other unique features are encouraged - including the baseboards! It’s not uncommon to see base caps in new traditional homes. Base caps are simply a small decorative cap to put on top of a more conventional baseboard to make it more intriguing.

If your current design is traditional, farmhouse, industrial, or craftsman – go for simple, flat, and angular baseboards. If your home’s design is more bohemian, colonial, or shabby chic – opt for ornate curves. For new traditional, use curves and bevels to make an impact. If you need guidance finding the best style for your home, contact us today at 905.856.9100 or


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