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Why Choose A Waffled Ceiling

Decorative ceilings come in a variety of styles. You've got exposed beams, vaulted ceilings, and our personal favorite - coffered ceilings. A subset of coffered ceilings are "Waffled Ceilings." Waffled ceilings, which are known for their recessed panels in a square pattern, introduce a clean, classy, and decadent feel to your home’s architecture. Why else should you choose a waffled ceiling?

Enhance Your Rooms Design

Waffle ceilings are a decorative feature that enhances the look of any room. In older homes, the historic design helps maintain the property’s heritage and authenticity. In more modern rooms with high ceilings, this type of ceiling will give the room a cozier look. Because of the intricate design and grandeur that waffle ceilings create, it’s also the perfect design feature to increase the value of your home.

Reduce Sound and Cover Blemishes

Did you know that adding a waffled ceiling helps to muffle sound by reducing echoes and unwanted noise transfers? Waffled ceilings are also a great way to cover blemishes, outdated paint, or textured coatings on your existing ceiling. Indeed, any unwanted noise or visual detail can be fixed by a waffled ceiling!

Which Room Is Right For A Waffled Ceiling?

In the past, waffled ceilings were only found in formal dining rooms, libraries, and dens. But today, any room can be enhanced with this type of design. That being said, waffled ceilings are best paired with inset lighting and large rooms with at least 9’ height. Wherever you decide to install them, waffled ceilings are a tremendous way of showcasing elegance and class.

What Style of Waffled Ceiling is Right For Me?

Thanks to the various shape and material options available today, waffled ceilings can also suit any style of home, from rustic to contemporary. As for the beams, stained wood is an excellent choice for rustic homes, while plaster panels look great in a modern space.

At Cornice Trim, we are experts in coffered ceiling and waffle ceiling installation. During our free consultation, we can provide advice and recommendations based on your home’s layout to help you design the best ceiling design for your home. To schedule your first consultation, contact us today at 905-856-9100 or


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