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Why Crown Moulding Is Timeless

Much like fashion, home design trends come and go by the year. Sometimes even the season. But some things, like the perfect black dress or white t-shirt, remain timeless. Take crown moulding, for instance. While the overall aesthetic may change, the feature itself remains to be that missing piece which, when installed, completes your home. What about crown moulding has made it a lasting feature to this day?

Crown Moulding Is Adaptable

Crown moulding is a chameleon, easily able to adapt to the changing times and styles. While the elegant Victorian mouldings of days past may not work in a contemporary home, there are modern, simple, and clean styles available today. The style of crown moulding changes as we change, and that is why it continues to stand the test of time.

Crown Moulding Is Versatile

Just like people, no home is the same. It is the individual details that make them unique. The same goes for crown moulding. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to this opulent detail. A room with a low ceiling height will require a different size moulding than that with a high ceiling. A large room will require a different moulding than that of a small one. Luckily, crown moulding is versatile. Thick, stacked, thin, ornate, or sleek.. There are endless options of crown moulding available to suit any style, size, and budget.

An Ode To History and Possibility

Crown moulding can take us back in time. To the exquisite temples and grand structures of civilizations past. Crown moulding truly can bring to life the rich architectural style of ancient Egyptians, Greeks, or Romans - right in our living or dining room. The crown mouldings used today will one day represent all that we accomplished and how we lived. What a testament to the human experience!

Crown moulding is graceful in its ability to age, smart it keeping up with the fashion, and ever changing to meet the needs of society. This is what makes crown moulding timeless. Now consider how you envision your future, your likes and dislikes today, and how to merge the two in the architectural details of your home. If you need guidance finding the best style for your home, contact us today at at 905.856.9100 or


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