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Top Decorative Ceiling Trends

Just look up at that ceiling! It’s so modest, so functional. Providing a necessary barrier against the elements, aids in acoustics, and keeps necessary components - like lighting - held securely in place. Gone are the days of neglected, cookie cutter ceilings. Here we are in the glory days of the fifth wall! Forget that boring, flat, white surface and make way for our top decorative ceiling trends.

Hello Glamor: High Gloss Ceiling

A recent decorative ceiling trend that we hope is here to stay is an ultra-glossy, reflective finish that shines. This type of ceiling tricks the eye so the room feels larger. However, the surface needs to be polished smooth so no bumps show if using paint. If a smooth surface isn’t possible, a stretch ceiling placed over the existing one is an alternative option that is available in hundreds of colors and several finishes, including high gloss.

Hello Warmth: Wood

Wood is as traditional as it gets, but traditional doesn’t have to mean boring. Wood is an excellent medium for your decorative ceiling - going far beyond exposed beams. Try creating a pattern using raised planks of varying lengths to add depth and warmth to your room. Other options include a stained ceiling that spans the entire room.

Hello Interest: Three-Dimensional Ceilings

Transform your ceiling from boring to astonishing with three dimensional elements. This decorative ceiling trend could be in the form of a coffered or waffled ceiling across the room, or rudimentary patterns that extend beyond a lighting fixture to invite texture and different levels in the room for the eye to admire. The effect is even more fantastic in monochrome color palettes.

Hello Non-Traditional: Color

Break the mold by adding color to your ceiling. This can be in the form of paint color, LED lighting, or even plants! A color pulled from the decor brightens the room with little effort, a complementary color brings the room to life, and a dark color boldly pulls elements together. Plants bring your ceiling to another level, immediately livening the space and adding a colorful whimsy to the room. Cover the entire ceiling, make a pattern with hanging boxes, or simply suspend plants from open beams

When deciding on which decorative ceiling trend is right for your home, remember that this will likely be your ceiling for years to come. Choose something that will remain timeless in your eyes. At Cornice Trim, we are happy to provide advice and recommendations based on your individual style to design the best ceiling for your home. To schedule your first consultation, contact us today at 905-856-9100 or


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