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How Long Do Ceiling Medallions Last?

What was once considered a highly traditional architectural detail is making a comeback! The classic ceiling medallion is a hidden gem in modern homes that can transform any room in an instant. It can easily be adapted to suit a variety of decor styles - remaining eye catching and timeless for a long time. In fact, ceiling medallions can last for a very long time!

How Long Do Ceiling Medallions Last?

The lifespan of your ceiling medallion will ultimately depend on which material it is made of. Historically made from plaster, ceiling medallions now come in wood, metal or affordable and readily available molded polyurethane.

Traditional and metal medallions could last well over one hundred years! Wooden ceiling medallions can last up to twenty years before showing signs of aging; such as cracking or fading. And you can expect molded polyurethane to last as long as thirty years before it begins to deteriorate.

How To Maintain Ceiling Medallions

Ensuring your decorative ceiling medallion gets the most out of its time in your home, you should ensure it receives proper care. Ceiling medallions that have been subjected to humid spaces, ceiling leaks, and even extreme heat can cause them to deteriorate faster than they would have naturally. Keeping your home at a cool temperature, and removing dust with a microfiber cloth, can help extend the life of your ceiling medallion.

Which Material Is Right For Me?

The next consideration is style. Given the amount of choices out there, the selection process can be tough! A good rule of thumb is to take cues from the architecture of your space. If there are wooden accents, a wooden ceiling medallion would be perfect. Molded polyurethane medallions are perfect for clean, simple lines. And plaster works wonders for those who enjoy more intricate detailing.

Whether you already have a ceiling medallion or are planning on installing one, it will be sure to become an eye-catching detail that will last for years to come. If you need guidance in finding the best style for your home, contact us today at 905.856.9100 or


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